LIGHTING Your home lighting is a combination of natural sunlight and created interior illumination. Total light control is the ability to gracefully combine the amount of daylight and electric lighting in your home. We design lighting that provides stunning, preset illumination for any situation with the touch of a button, indoors and out. One push of the ‘away’ button as you leave turns off all lights; at night, lights turn on and off randomly to make it appear as if your home is occupied. One-touch of the ‘arrive’ button illuminates each area you chose, instantly and without having to move through a dark residence. Easily setup a new lighting scene to match your usage, and recall it at the touch of a button. SHADES AND CLIMATE Environmental systems allow you to monitor and control your interior conditions and energy consumption from a simple smartphone app whether you are home or away. Large windows require motorized shades and blinds. Modern heating and cooling work best with smart thermostats that learn your habits. Our systems are programmed to adjust to allow morning light in and reset in the afternoon to protect furniture and art work from harsh sun, all the while maximizing energy usage from heating and cooling. Window coverings open and close according to the time of day and available sunlight which also saves on energy costs and reduces your carbon footprint. Our environmental systems integrate with our other controls allowing you to take command of all home systems, from climate to security, to lighting, to entertainment.